My sleeping Prince

It was a day in June
and summer crossed the land.
Glow-worms danced under a
shiny moon.
So dreams should never end.

A secret voice called out
your name,
though time still seemed so
The ones who teased you
with their blame,
never knew about your kindness.

Ignoring tears of deepest
despair ...

Brother of Mine

Brother of mine,
still hear your laughter
like a favorite melody.
Brother of mine,
and even after
it always moves my fantasy.

Brother of mine,
still see your face
in the silence of my dreams.
Brother of mine,
recall your grace
so clear,
it makes me weep.

Brother of mine,
still hear your footsteps ...

Dance on the Milky Way

Gazing into the sky tonight
to meet my friend the moon.
Could see its smile,
its yellow light
and n ight passed by so soon.

Saw star signs
moved towards rhe west.
The unattainable galaxy.
They come and go,
they never rest.
Keeping their eternal mystery.

The first daybreak awoke
when that odditiy came into
Just little swirls,
turning so grandly ...