Certainly, in 2005 Michael Jackson experienced the darkest hours in his life.

... `cause someone who once failed before ...

In the book the contribution Beat A Demon reflects the unbelievable coursing, which was
initiated by the prcecuting attorney Tom Sneddon - the ... someone ...
In an inexorably and grimly way he hunted the star since 1993, hoping to find comclusively
evidence concerning the unspeakable accusation of child molestation.

The lawyer Tom Mesereau and his team supported and accompanied him, until he was
acquitted on all accounts June 13th 2005.

StoryTribune offers our sincere thanks to Tom Mesereau for his friendly message concerning
our book.

Some poems are published in German language only by Brentano Society / Frankfurt a. Main

September's Day
- (Septembertag) is dedicated as a contemporary poem to the victims of 9/11

Gedicht und Gesellschaft
Yearbook of the New Poem
published 2005
Brentano-Gesellschaft Frankfurt / M.
ISBN 3-933800-18-8

Father`s Fare Well - Vater`s Abschied

Gedicht und Gesellschaft 2008
Yearbook of the New Poem
Brentano-Gesellschaft Frankfurt/ a. Main
ISBN 978-3-933800-26-8

Frankfurter Literaturverlag A.G.
The best poems 2008/2009
Die Lyirk des xxi. Jahrhundert
ISBN 978-3-8372-0268-7