My Sleeping Prince

A Poem Tribute to the King of Pop

He probably was the most well-known singer and performer worldwide - Michael Joseph Jackson.
His youngest fans often just know him as the "King of Pop", meanwhile the elderly recall a five
years old boy, who impressed even the hardest reviewer in this business.

While the family band "The Jackson 5" still had to face persistant taboo versus coloured musicians,
Michael Jackson overcame all this obstacles as a solo entertainer.
His videoclip "Thriller" broke through all barriers.
This performance was just a milestone in this overwhelming carreer.
But despite all his success, the sensitive artist and human being experienced ups and downs
like nobody else in this circles.

Without doubt, the sadest highlight were the outrageous accusations concerning child
Humilated and mocked in public the trial finally ended June 13th, 2005, when Michael Jackson
was aquitted from all charges.
Although marked by cruel and dark hours; his mysterious talent remained unbroken.

When he announced in May 2009 to return back on stage, he received for one more time
the admiration and affection of millions of fans worldwide.
"This Is It" - with the particular motto of his last tour, it nearly seems that, with his early
and tragic death, a fateful prophacy fulfilled itself.

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