General Terms of Conditions, Delivery and Payment

StoryTribune offers publications (further named as goods) as text and image material.
Furthermore, Storytribune take care of individual creations of text, images or illustrations.
(further named as services)
All our goods and services are provided exclusively under these conditons and terms.

1.Sales Transactions
Quotations are not binding.
Quotations of individual services will be calculated by each project on request.
Orders and/or requests for goods and/or services are not concluding a contract.
Contracts for goods will turn valid, when StoryTribune submit an order confirmaton or dispatch
the goods.
Contracts for services will turn valid, when the customer agree to the quotation related to the
specific project requested to StoryTribune, and an order confirmation was submitted by
and vice versa.
For services it is the customers obligation to response to StoryTribune immediately in case of
differences or discrepancies of contents to the presented order and the related confirmation.

All our prices are net of VAT.
Packaging and shipment costs, as well as all other incidental costs, are borne by the customer.
Prices for books are binded, as long as the particular book is still under the condition of bookprice
binding of the German Bookprice Binding Regulation.

StoryTribune only accept the provided payment methods communicated in the order confirmation,
respectively offered in our website.
Deviating agreements must be confirmed by us in writing in order to be effective.
In case of late payment we have the right to impose late payment charges at an anual rate that is
5% above the respective rate of the European Central Bank.
We reserve the right to asset claims for additional damages.
The burden of proof that actual damages are less then the amount claimed by us rests with the
The right to set-off with counter claims is excluded unless such claims are undisputed or legally

Delivery of goods will take place to the address which was provided to StoryTribune by the customer.
Delivery of services will take place via online in e.g. pdf and/or by data media, such as DVD/CD
to the email or postal address provided to us by the customer.
StoryTribune delivers into all countries of the European Community, rest of Europe and all countries
worldwide if admissible.
The dispatch of goods by StoryTribune will be arranged immediately, latest within 3 days after the
customer has received our order confirmation.
For services the delivery time will be valid as confirmed in the specific order confirmation.
In case of delivery delays StoryTribune is obligated to inform the customer immediately.

Shipment takes place to our best knowledge.
Shipment takes place at the customer's risk. The risk is transferred to the customer not later than
the time of dispatch.

We warrant our goods and services against defects according to the respective state-of-the-art.
Damage caused by inappropiate or improper use, failure to adhere to specified procedures, or
incorrect and/or negligent use are not covered under warranty.
If our shipments are arbitrarily altered by the customer or by third party without our written
approval, we are not liable for any resulting consequences or losses.
Apparent defects must be communicated to us in writing immediately, not later than 2 weeks
after the shipment is received.
Notifications of defects after this period are excluded.
The customer has the right to inspect text material and/or books by removing the outer packaging
and/or protection film.
Obviously marks of usage are not covered by warranty.
For all legitimate complaints reported to us in a timely manner within the warranty period,
performance of the warranty will be by way of rectification of defects or the delivery of replacemant
The customer is required to return the defective goods to us for the rectification of defects.
If the customers complaint is legitimate, the shipment costs are borne to us.
Should the rectification of defects or delivery of replacement good fail, the customer can demand
a reduction of the amount due or rescission of the contract.
In any case, including cases of failed rectification of defects or delivery of replacement goods,
claims for damage can only be asserted against us, if we acted with intent or gross negligence or
in case of failure to meet warrented characteristics.

7.Special Terms of Services
Services are mainly based on request for individual creations by the customer.
As our creations always include artistic elements, this services are customized.
Therefore, replacements of completed services are excluded.
The customer can agree with StoryTribune to receive a draft before the final version will be
A complete change of the topic/theme after the draft is provided is excluded.
StoryTribune has the right to address the costs of the draft to the customer, if this is confirmed
prior in the specific quotation.
The copyright of all provided creations remains to StoryTribune - no changes of text, contents,
images or graphis or similar is allowed in any case.

8.Liability in other cases
In all other cases not covered anywhere else in these terms and conditions, especially in case of
default and breach of other pre-contracted or contractual secondary obligations etc., claims for
damages - especially also claims rising from illegal acts - are excluded regardless of their legal basis.
This also allies to product liabilities claims in particular. This disclaimer of liability also extends to our
employees and assistants.
This dislaimer of liability does not apply in case of intent, gross negligence, or failure to meet
warrented characteristics.

9.Retention of Titles
Titles to the goods and services by us are retained until they are paid in full, included all
related amounts.

10.Place of Execution,Jurisdiction,Applicable Law, and Severability Clause
The address of StoryTribune is the place of execution for all rights and obligations of either party
arising from the delivery of goods and services.
Wasserburg a. Bodensee/ Germany is the agreed jurisdiction.
The contractual relationship is subject to the laws of Germany.
Should individual provisions of these general terms and conditions prove to be ineffective, the
remaing provisions continue to remain effective and binding.

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